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Harare Technical & Agricultural Academy

Please see our page for 1 - Day Agri Training Courses and over 30 Correspondence Course and Certificates. In partnership with Nosa Agri Services South Africa - now available in ZIMBABWE! Farmers are our Future! Email for full details.

NameMande Snyman
Button Mushroom Training

NameMush Haven
Richvalley Farm Mushrooms and Mushroom Training.

Mushroom Training at $20 per person. Lunch and booklet to be provided. Timetable will suit the participants depending on the registered number. Contact 09561802, 0775401868. Bulawayo.

NameRichvalley Farm
Telephone09 561802, 0775 401868
Beekeeping training facilitation

MacJohnson Apiaries Private Business Corporation owns Apiaries (Bee farms) in Ngaone, Chipinge. The owner and founder of the company is an international beekeeping trainer as well as a commercial beekeeping consultant. MacJohnson specialises in bee relate ...

NameMacJohnson Apiaries
The Art of Mushroom Cultivation by Simba

"The Art of Button Mushroom Cultivation " HANDBOOK. Oyster Mushroom is also covered. Financial insights on mushroom production are also included This is a Train Yourself Handbook. Price $8 for pdf softcopy. Practicals and training avalibale after reading ...

Telephone+263 772 237773
Bee-Farming Training

OBJECTIVES 1. To develop a Bee-Farming business mindset with best approaches 2. To impart best business skills, from Product Quality, Costing, Pricing and Marketing of the Hive products 3. To impart practical skills on Value Addition and Beneficiation Tec ...

NameBeekeepers Association of Zimbabwe (BKAZ)
Telephone+263 772 973213
Telephone 2+263 733 427411
Tillage, extension and support services

We offer these services to smallholder farmers under our contract schemes and in association with various interest groups such as government, non-governmental organisations, farmers unions, financial institutions and special interest groups. On request, w ...

NameThermal Agriculture
Telephone08677 102506 / 08677 104906
Telephone 2+263 775 302 408 / +263 714 264 299
Mobile+263 775 302 408 / +263 714 264 299
Fish Farming Training

Agrimarine Solutions, YOUR BEST PATNER IN AQUACULTUREIs offering a one day training on the 28th of October , the training will cover various to pics including ●Models of fish farming.●Feeding Criterias.●Pond Constrution.●Pond fertilisation.●Stocking densi ...

NameAgrimarine Solutions
Telephone04 706 844, 0779 812900, 0773 502010
Mobile0779 812900, 0773 502010

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